How to Maintain & Repair Old Timber Framed Garages

Buildings that are constructed with timber frames and internal timber beams are known for their beauty but if they are not maintained properly and repaired they can become very vulnerable to decay and damages.

A list of common problems with timber framed garages is detailed below.

Repairing & Replacing Timber Joists
Repairing & Replacing Timber Joists. Image credit: DIY Doctor

Check for Decayed Timbers

Decay will happen because of moisture which in turn causes rot and beetle infestations.

You will want to find the source of dampness and correct them.

You can test timber by prodding it with a knife.

Solid timber will resist. Find the source of moisture and fix it and deal directly with the cause of moisture rather than the symptoms.

Dealing with an Infestation

You will find symptoms of beetle damage in old timber and it is not always a big concern.

Active beetle infestation is noticeable through fine dust where insects have vacated through exit holes.

Exit holes that are dark and dirty are likely old whereas clean, light-coloured holes are a sign of recent damage.

The look of fine dust can be a tell tale sign there is an active infestation.

Repairing Damaged Wood

When you are looking into repairs use caution and don’t assume the wood needs to be replaced.

Some timber may need to be replaced from decay or infestation while others may still be able to support the load.

Dampness and water leaks can cause problems with timber so be aware of this.

It is ideal to avoid replacing timber and to make repairs instead.

An easy and cost-effective repair method is to use a metal strap.

A strap can be crafted by a blacksmith and is designed to bolt decayed timber together.

When timber needs to be cut out and repaired a good carpenter will know how to do this and scarf new sections using traditional joint techniques.

If there are problems caused by electricians or plumbers who ‘notch’ the top of joists for cable or pipe, you can strengthen the joist with metal straps or using additional joints.

Prevention is always better than cure, so if water is the rot cause of your timber joists rotting, then find the source.

You may discover that your roof is simply not doing an efficient job of funnelling off water.

If not, consider alternative rainwater systems that will encourage the water to flow in other directions and be stored in tanks or containers for other uses.

Minimise Damage to Wooden Frames

When you have assessed damage to timber the simplest method for dealing with is drilling into the timber for accurate testing.

Using chemical treatments will not remedy the underlying issues with damaged wooden frames.

It is usually unnecessary if you have removed the source of moisture and the wood has dried out which will limit further damage.

Stripping Paint from Wooden Beams

Wooden beams are typically painted but you will want to be cautious while stripping them.

It can be a destructive process and time consuming and may not even bring you the results you wish to achieve.

Using abrasive techniques like wire brushes is not a good idea.

When stripping paint you will want to protect surrounding areas, apply chemical paint removers, avoid digging into the wood, use peel away poultice systems to remove layers of paint.

Some people may use hot air guns but be cautious of the risks associated with fires.

Another thing you should never do is shot blast or sand beams because it will damage the surface of the wood.

If your wood is dark you can use traditional casein distemper to remedy this issue.

Cleaning Timber Frames

You can improve the look of wood frames by removing dust with a damp cloth, soft brush or vacuum cleaner.

You can also add a light sheen by applying a coating of beeswax polish.

Something to avoid is using linseed oil because it stays sticky and will naturally attract dirt.

Another option is to refrain from staining new timber and rather let it darken naturally.

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Trade Show Exhibition Stand

Today you will grow to understand how to spend your marketing budget properly as you learn the 5 top reasons why your company should use tradeshow exhibition stands for greater marketing impact in 2018. With new technology coming into reality there are many different options and things many marketers want to utilise in their campaigns. In 2018, the trend for marketing is advertising at live events and this trend will continue to be popular as time goes on. It is well known that marketing in person and engaging people in a face to face matter is the prime method of advertising. As you continue reading you will understand the five crucial elements of why your business should be harnessing the power of trade show marketing as we continue in 2018. These are suggestions that you can use and it is encouraged to think them over and brainstorm ideas on how you can incorporate these strategies.

Super Cool Exhibition Stand
This Super Cool Exhibition Stand Embraces Sleek Design Coupled With Interactive technology. Image credit: Arrows

1. Live events are a powerful form of marketing for most companies and brands

When it comes to developing new connections, more business leads, and customers the face to face marketing method is the most tried and true tested marketing strategy that is proven to work. You can use live events to capture the attention and desire of your target audience and by doing this you may even stay ahead of your competitors. Many high-profile organisations and companies have been using the power of live events for their marketing and advertising needs and as research states, they are achieving a great return on investment. Many companies utilise trade shows to reach customers and visitors and to compete with other brands. Now it is widely common to have an exhibition display and you will need to be able to measure to the validity of your marketing campaign and find out exactly your overall return on investment from every show.

2. Exhibitions are becoming much more effective when new technology is used

Trade shows and exhibition stands are constantly changing and with the latest trends in available technology, there are even more options. With new technology comes much more competition and just appearing at an event with a good looking exhibition stand and expecting sales to roll in is not as valid as it used to be. Now you want your display to attract attention and gain the interest of visitors to start the sales conversion process. Harnessing technology is a great way to capitalise on available space and can make your exhibition stand out, gain attention and build credibility for your brand.

3. Face-to-face networking is the #1 method for gaining business

Although technology seems to cover many different facets of advertising and marketing, good old fashioned face to face communication between suppliers and customers is the most valid form of marketing. The digital world is steadily increasing and providing attendees with valuable opportunities to form real-life connections with other people. Technology will never be able to replace the power of human connections. Being able to connect with your customers and audience is important. Getting outside of the office and going to a different location to interact with different people as well as being able to gauge the effectiveness of competition is of extreme importance.

4. Exhibition stand advertising is an effective method

When it comes to exhibition stand design your options for design and the technology you use are entirely up to you. Your budget will determine how far you can deliver with your exhibition stand but there is plenty of ideas and methods you can use. You can utilise different media and technology you can use again and again. Being able to adapt and rebuild your stand at different trade shows gives you more leverage as well as lowers the cost of ownership.

5. Exhibition stand advertising creates a level playing field

Social media and building and marketing websites are not the most expensive methods of advertising but they do require an ongoing investment. At exhibitions, smaller companies have the ability to compete with larger companies and gain the same attention if not more. Small companies will have the same access to visitors at the trade show. You can make yourself stand out using creativity and imagination and compete with bigger companies with a smaller budget. It is possible and it is done often.

Ultimately exhibition stand marketing is an effective method to engage your target audience and get a better return on investment with your marketing budget. Be sure to review these five suggestions and look into how exhibitions can bring you more business, leads, and customers.


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HMRC’s Seafarers Earnings Deduction: Your Fast Track to Tax Free Income

Work Offshore Aboard a Ship to Earn a Tax Free Salary

Today we aim to educate you on a piece of legislation that was first created in 1988 under the Finance Act that gives seafaring UK citizens the ability to claim a 100% tax exemption on all foreign income earned. This came into being after years of legal battle between seafaring unions and the HMRC. Finally, a full agreement was made as of 2012 that allows certain seafarers the ability to not pay taxes on earned income. Now there are certain rules and regulations that must be followed in order to benefit from this tax exemption. As of 2018 seafaring unions are still going through legal wrangling with the hope of allowing members of the armed forces to also fall under the rules of this tax exemption. Ultimately it seems to be the HMRC’s best-kept secret that many seafaring UK citizens either do not know about or harness. We aim to show you how it works and help you to understand whether or not if you qualify for this excellent tax exemption. Just read below and will help you navigate the HMRC and their rules to find out if you can use the Seafarers Earnings Deduction.

The first time this tax law was introduced it was created for specific valid reasons that benefit the UK. To begin with, the HMRC decided that seafaring employees deserved a tax break because of the highly competitive global marketplace of the seafaring industry, because of the time spent outside of the country as well as to play a role in the defence needs of the United Kingdom. The financial remuneration was created to help with compensation because of the pressures associated with the industry and the competition related to finding employment. Many citizens of the United Kingdom don’t take advantage of the Seafarers Earnings Deduction mainly because they do not know about it or fully understand it.

Cruise ship crew are all smiles as they earn tax free income under HMRC rules. Image credit: Burst Daily

When we take a look at the HMRC Helpsheet 205 it outlines who does and does not qualify for this tax exemption. The main requirement of this tax break is that you work on a ship. What is constituted as a ship is not explained but what is not defined as a ship is explained. We have listed the following that does not meet the criteria under the definition of a vessel. These include flotels, mobile offshore drilling units as well as fixed production and floating production platforms. If you work on one of these types of units then, unfortunately, you will not be able to take advantage of this tax exemption. Some people who don’t fully understand the rules or regulations may choose not to file their annual tax return which is a big mistake. Other people may choose to create limited companies ashore or in other countries to have more leverage with their taxes. Ultimately if you can qualify for the Seafarers Earnings Deduction it is a great idea to use it because after all, you will not have to pay anything on your foreign earned income. With a deal like that you would have to be crazy to pass it up.

Another rule of the Seafarers Earnings Deduction is that you are limited to spending a maximum of 183 days ashore in the UK per tax year. A day in the United Kingdom is counted if you were in the country at midnight of that given day. It is a good idea to keep all paperwork and stubs that show evidence that you spent a maximum of 183 days in the UK. If you are above the 183 days then you will not be able to harness the exemption. Also, you are required to embark and disembark from foreign ports. If you embark or disembark from the UK then you will not be eligible to use the Seafarers Earnings Deduction. You will also be governed by how many days you spent at sea and we recommend you look at the HMRC Helpsheet 205 for further detail.

Ultimately we believe more seafaring UK citizens would access the tax exemption if it wasn’t so elusive and hard to understand. It is absolutely integral to declare all of your income earned offshore. After all with the Open Exchange of Information, the government can look into your financial records and get full details of your income. If you were not to declare your income you really couldn’t do anything with it including acquiring loans or mortgages.

After 18 years the tax exemption seems to be here to stay and is a great exemption and should be used if it is applicable to you.


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How a kitchen renovation can improve your wellbeing

Improve Your Lifestyle with these Simple Kitchen Hacks & Upgrades

A detailed and planned out stylish kitchen makes any home look that much greater and greatly improves the quality of life for the people of the home and the food they eat.

When your kitchen is more open spaced and has a natural welcoming spirit you can be sure to entertain guests with plenty of sessions of both cooking and baking good foods in a remodelled kitchen.

A thing to remember is that altering your kitchen does not have to be a budget draining decision and it doesn’t necessarily put you in the hole.

It is actually possible to remodel your entire kitchen and we will share with you suggestions and ideas for kitchen updates for a home that is more inviting and open both to your own family, guests, and friends!

Always Get Your Kitchen Layout Designed in 3D Before Remodelling. Image credit: Pinterest

To begin with, you will want to analyse your kitchen remodelling plans.

You will have to use logical thinking on what you would like to add, remove or alter in your kitchen blueprint.

You will realise when your kitchen matches the way you wish it to be, you will be that much more comfortable and focused on perfecting your cooking, cleaning, and baking tasks.

An updated kitchen would not feel new and improved without new kitchen countertops.

When it comes to purchasing a new kitchen countertop it will only be up to your budget on what you can or cannot do.

You will want to focus on things like durability, heat and stain proofing, how easy the countertop is to maintain among other things.

This will make you feel that much more comfortable in your kitchen and will add resale value to your home there by improving your real estate investment.

Another under utilised method for making your kitchen usage that much better is by adding better lighting for overall kitchen enhancement and improvement.

Lights that are recessed and lights that are hidden under cabinets provide a very clear statement of bright white light and remove dark corners and shadowy areas.

When you change the lighting of your kitchen you will not have to strain your eyes and you will visually have a much improved experience.

New Kitchen Lighting Can Help Enhance the Space. Image credit: HGTV

Family members will typically bond and gather in the kitchen of the home.

It is a safe area where we bond and create delicious foods to show appreciation for one another.

It gives you and your family a chance to bond over a home cooked meal.

By transforming your kitchen to a new more modern look, you will change your kitchen to the small dream paradise you have always wanted.

When you decide to give your kitchen a makeover, you will improve the over all quality of your life.

And think of the alternatives!

You could decide to put up with that ugly, outdated kitchen and be unhappy, or just pack your bags and get a local moving home company to take you away from that old and outdated space.

Another great way to completely change your kitchen to something entirely different is by painting it.

You can give your cooking area a whole new look and feel by changing the colours of the walls.

You are not just limited to walls as you can also change the colours of kitchen cabinets as well.

This isn’t the only thing you can do to improve the look and over all appearance and comfort of a home kitchen.

When it comes to painting you are only limited by your imagination.

Remodelling your kitchen doesn’t mean that you have to buy everything brand new.

By speaking to a kitchen transformations firm, you can give your entire kitchen an upgrade without having to replace the major pieces of the kitchen.

Your kitchen might only need new appliances and updated features to improve the over all look and comfort levels of the kitchen.

There are plenty of different things you can do to improve and change your kitchen to make it that much more comfortable and easy going when it comes to the years ahead that you will be living in your home.

Another idea to improve the look and feel of your kitchen is replacing the vinyl flooring with something more modern.

It will make your kitchen that much more beautiful to look at if you were to replace old linoleum with wood flooring.

It does not have to break the bank either if you choose to use this method to improve the natural look and feel of your home kitchen.

Being able to cook and bake home made meals should be a comfortable process and the flooring of your kitchen is only limited to the option you allow yourself to perceive in your imagination.

Striving to make your kitchen comfortable and upgrading it to improve the value of your home is a great idea.

If you love to cook for your family remodelling your kitchen can be one of the greatest things you have ever done to improve the over all love and comfort of your home.

How to build a storage bench with MDF boards

Create an amazing furniture piece with MDF sheets

Storage benches come in very handy. Everybody seems to always need some extra room for storage. There never seems to be enough space to store everything, and the result is untidiness and stuff lying around! Be it a living room where there are countless books, magazines and remote controls lying here and there. Or in bedrooms where there are clothes and cushions, or even toys and books, in the case of kids’ bedrooms. Conversely, if you were to have a storage bench you would be able to store all that stuff within it.

If you were to think of it there are surely various spaces in your rooms where you could include a storage bench. Apart from being a practical way of adding a place where to sit, and an additional touch of décor to a room, a storage bench can manage to store up more stuff than you ever thought possible. The main problem may be finding a storage bench that is readymade and that will fit well in the space you have. And then there is the problem of trying to complement its style and colour with your current furnishings. So, why not build your very own storage bench? It is really easy to build, and you can make it tailor-made to your preferred size and color. All you need are some basic tools and MDF sheets cut to size. MDF boards are inexpensive and yet sturdy enough for the job. They are also manageable to build with, even if you are a beginner to DIY. So… here’s how you can do it!

MDF Storage Bench. Image credit: WNY Handyman
MDF Storage Bench. Image credit: WNY Handyman

First off, buy MDF boards! You are going to need a separate board for the top, and then you will need other panels to create the foundation of the storage bench. The dimensions will obviously depend on how big or small you are going to build your storage bench, which is mainly dependant on the space where you will be placing it.

So, once you have all the parts cut out in the required dimensions, you can start by building up the foundation, or the base of the bench. This is where you will be storing things, so the bigger it is the better. Simply attach the sides with the base, and then to the top panel. You can then use corner clamps so as to attach it securely. It is best to drill pilot holes in order to prevent the possibility of having it split, and then screw the parts together. At this point you have the main structure all done already.

The top MDF piece is ideally attached by a continuous hinge. This is often referred to as a piano or continuous hinge. This will need to open and close for convenience, as you will be opening it and closing it every time you want to store something, or whenever you need to take things out of the bench.

Now, you can attach the back part. When screwing this to it, make sure that it is flush with the top and the legs. Having someone hold it for you while you work is recommended. Next, you can attach the front.

It is best to see to establishing more support at the front area of your storage bench. So, you may wish to glue two pieces of MDF panels together so as to have a thicker one. Then use clamps to ensure that they are well bonded together, and screw it in place.

This is all it takes to build a storage bench. Anything more is purely aesthetic. You can paint it, as well as add decorative moldings. This will help to make it look more aesthetically pleasing. Decorative moldings will help to make the storage bench look more stylish, rather than remaining plain all over.

Beautifully Finished White MDF Chest Bench. Image credit: RONA
Beautifully Finished White MDF Chest Bench. Image credit: RONA

Any screw heads should be filled up with wood filler, and then sanded down so as to make it as flush as possible. Once you achieve a smooth finish, you can paint it in the color of your choice. It may be best to apply two coatings for better results. Finally, you can also spruce it up with a cushion, which will also help to make it more comfortable, while complementing your other soft furnishings in the room. You could use the same fabric of any other cushions, or curtains, and voila! And you are done – you have a very nice and practical storage bench ready! You did not spend a fortune, and it is nice to have created it on your own as you got to choose the preferred style, color and size after all!

Spotting Scopes vs. Telescopes for Astronomical Observing

Since spotting scopes seem to fill an apparent gap between binoculars and large astronomical telescopes, can they make viable alternatives to regular astronomical telescopes, especially in light of the fact that spotting scopes are essentially small, compact refracting telescopes that do not deliver upside-down images? The answers to this question are both yes, and no, and much of either answer depends on the intended use of the spotting scope, as well as the observer’s expectations. Let us look at some of the issues-

Why buy a spotting scope?

Spotting scopes are designed primarily for observing terrestrial targets that are at most a few hundred feet away, such as birds, hornet’s nests, and sometimes the names of ships a little way out to sea, while astronomical telescopes are by definition, intended to be used for observing celestial objects. However, this is not to say that spotting scopes cannot be used for stargazing- far from it. In fact, many astronomers routinely use spotting scopes to observe the heavens, but if you are new to the hobby of stargazing, and have other, ground-based interests as well, there are some important considerations to keep in mind before you purchase a spotting scope for astronomical observations, such as-

Ease of use

“Ease of use” refers to both the fact that even the biggest spotting scope is smaller and lighter than almost any small astronomical telescope, and that any spotting scope is easier to set up and use than almost any astronomical telescope, with the possible exception of small Dobsonian reflectors.

Image credit: Eurooptic
Image credit: Eurooptic

In the first instance, high quality spotting scopes often come with dedicated carry-case that is smaller than most brief cases, as shown in the image above. Therefore, their compactness makes them ultra portable, which means you can take it anywhere, even if you use a spotting scope with a collapsible astronomical-standard tripod.

Image credit: Optics Den
Image credit: Optics Den

In the second instance, there is no complicated setting-up procedure with a spotting scope; you simply attach the scope to the tripod, and you are ready to start observing. This a great advantage over conventional telescopes, especially for novice observers who often experience difficulty in getting the polar alignment right on tracking telescopes.

Spotting scopes (can) deliver great views

Of course, how great the views are depends largely on the quality of the spotting scopes’ optics in general, and the quality of the erecting prisms in particular. Erecting prisms are optical elements that turn images upright, but the problem with many of these prisms is that much of the light that passes through them is often absorbed, or scattered by the prisms themselves. This undesirable trait is the main reason why conventional telescopes mostly do not use prisms, except in cases where the viewing angle becomes a consideration.

Image credit: Optics Planet
Image credit: Optics Planet

Nonetheless, prisms are required in spotting scopes to keep the image the observer sees consistent with what is actually happening on the ground, so to speak. While high-end spotting scopes generally have excellent optics (including the prisms) this is not always the case with budget instruments. In practice, this means that some astronomical images can be degraded by poor optics, meaning that the price of a spotting scope is often directly related to the quality of the astronomical images it delivers. To put this into perspective, consider the image of the Moon above taken through a smart phone with an 80mm Celestron Ultima 80 spotting scope.

As a rule though, a high-end spotting scope with an aperture of 70-80mm will deliver great views of star clusters, double stars (Albireo with its high colour contrast comes to mind), the inner planets, the Moon, and even some bright nebulae, such as for instance, the Orion Nebula. However, as with all small telescopes, faint objects can be difficult if not impossible to spot with a spotting scope, because of all small instruments’ limited light-gathering ability.

Many spotting scopes accept astronomical eyepieces and cameras

While many spotting scopes come with a zoom-able eyepiece, the added optical elements in these eyepieces often make them unsuitable for astronomical observations. The good news is however that many manufacturers of spotting scopes also supply single-magnification eyepieces that usually range between 20×, and 60×, which is the magnification range that many observers with conventional astronomical telescopes use to view some of the objects listed above.

Image credit:
Image credit:

Moreover, many spotting scopes accept adapters with which to fit digital cameras and even smart phones directly onto the scope for basic level astrophotography and digiscoping. However, it must be noted that astrophotography requires a telescope with the ability to track objects to get the best results.

Spotting scopes are (sometimes) cheaper than conventional ‘scopes’

Of course, this depends on many factors, such as the design of the astronomical instrument, the intended use of the spotting scope, the amount of money you want to spend on a telescope, and many others, such as where you want to observe the sky with a spotting scope.

It must be remembered that the lion’s share of the price of a conventional telescope goes toward the quality of the optics, with the remainder accounted for by the cost of the tripod and the tube. By way of contrast, much of the price of spotting scope goes toward making it rugged and waterproof, while keeping the overall weight down. The trade-off is often that the quality of the optics suffers.

In practice, this means that a spotting scope that incorporates advanced features such as low dispersion glass in the optics, fully multi-coated lenses, phase-corrected prisms, and interchangeable eyepieces can be more expensive than a larger astronomical instrument that will likely provide better views because it gathers more light.

However, the trick in buying the right spotting scope lies in not comparing apples with oranges. For instance, when comparing an 80mm spotting scope with an 80mm refracting astronomical telescope, it must be remembered that if the astronomical instrument provides better views, it is not because it gathers more light (both instruments have the same aperture), but because it has fewer optical elements than the spotting scope. In this case, and assuming you have interests other than stargazing, the 80mm spotting scope might be the better deal, simply because it can be used for terrestrial observing as well, where the quality of the optics is not as important.

When reflecting telescopes with apertures larger than 8mm enter the picture, the comparison becomes invalid. Spotting scopes are simply not intended for, or designed to compete with larger reflecting telescopes, which means that if your primary interest is astronomical observing, you can buy a good-to-excellent reflector for the price of an average-to-middling quality spotting scope.

How much do spotting scopes cost?

While price comparisons fall outside the scope of this article, it must be remembered that as with all optical instruments, the price of any instrument is directly proportional to its quality. Thus, in terms of price, a good starting point would be around £300 – £350, which amount will give you a good, solid scope that will provide years of excellent service.

Prices on the other end of the scale can easily run to £2000 or more, which can be too steep for most people. However, as with anything else in life there comes point of diminishing returns, and in the world of telescopes, this means that the small improvements made to average, or even good instruments are often not worth the higher price.

This is especially true of spotting scopes, whose inherent light-gathering limits cannot be improved beyond certain accepted standards- standards that are defined by any spotting scopes’ primary function, which is to view terrestrial targets. Nonetheless, more information on current prices and specifications of spotting scopes for sale in the UK are available online.

Spotting scopes are great for children

One of the main advantages spotting scopes have over conventional telescopes is the fact that they make great, affordable first telescopes for children. The comfortable viewing angle, combined with the fact that images are delivered “right-side-up”, means that children often learn the sky faster than they would normally have done using a conventional instrument that delivers upside-down, or mirror-reversed images.

Image credit: Optics Planet
Image credit: Optics Planet

The mental gymnastics required to match a star chart to an “upside-down” sky often discourages newcomers to the hobby of stargazing, which problem is eliminated with a spotting scope. Children are often not much interested in completing Messier marathons; all they want is a reasonable view of say, the Moon or the Pleiades, and if a good spotting scope can give a child that view, that child will probably remain a stargazer for life. This, when all things are considered, makes a good-quality spotting scope (irrespective of its design) an effective, affordable astronomical telescope.

5 Reasons to Hire A Professional Arboriculture Consultant

Are you struggling with finding a professional arborist to take care of your arboricultural assessments? In other words, do you want a tree removed or investigated before it does any damage to you and your property?

Well, you are certainly not the only one. The person you need is a certified arborist – or a person who has taken an extensive testing and has years of verifiable experience in the matter. With the right knowledge and ability to take care of your beloved trees, an arborist will be able to properly diagnose your trees defect and look for any tell tale signs that your tree is unwell or dying.

Image credit: Wikipedia
Image credit: Wikipedia

So, why hire an arborist and get your arboricultural assessments finally done?

Here we are listing 5 great reasons why it’s your best course of action:

1. You Are Getting Knowledge And Skill

This is in reality the biggest benefit of them all. A professional arboricultural consultant or also referred to as a ‘tree surgeon’ has the right knowledge and experience in all aspects of tree car – and can answer questions clearly and precisely without having to take a guess. Such professional won’t just show up and take your money for a service – but ensure you and your property’s safety.

2. You Don’t Worry About Insurance

Hiring a certified tree surgeon means hiring a person with all the proper insurances in order to work on your property. Any alternatives to this may be a risk you cannot afford to take and held liable for any accident that may happen in the near future.

3. You Are Getting A State-Of-The-Art Equipment Check

Arborists are not only people seeing trees and predicting their direction. They use advanced equipment and technology to investigate the roots of a tree up to 1 meter below the ground – and ensure a healthy tree or a potential disease. They also have clean and sharp tools to make precise cuts wherever necessary.

4. You Are Getting The References You Need

To back up your decision, you should hire a certified arborist with many references you can call and check by yourself. In reality, these references are there to satisfy you as a customer and also give the arborist a better reputation. So, make sure to request these references!

5. You Will Save Money!

Last but not the least is the fact that with hiring an arborist, you are saving a lot of money. Although the service by itself may cost you a little extra at first – it will definitely save you tons of money in the long run. By paying for the service you are guaranteed to fix the problem and eliminate the risk of having extra work done down the road because of an inferior job. So, be smart and hire a professional!

Next time you suspect any of your trees need help , make sure to call your local certified arborist. Only with a service like this, you will get the safety you need – along with all the trees you need (and want) in your garden or property!

Refurbish Your Office & Make a Positive Impact

A New Lease of Life to Your Space

An office renovation or refurbishment facelift is important and it should be made every once in a while so as to give a breath of fresh air to a room or office. Office refurbishment is extremely important because this is where you are having your workers spend some 8 hours every day to perform their job.

Moreover, it is where you are going to invite your business partners and clients to discuss your cooperation, and where several clients are going to drop by daily to avail of your services. You need to make sure that you are giving a welcoming environment to all of these people. And that is where the services of an office refurbishment specialist can come in handy.

An office fit out company offers affordable yet customised refurbishment and renovation solutions for all sorts of businesses and organizations. The office refurbishment services they provide are aimed at increasing the efficiency in your office, as well as establishing a striking and comfortable setting for whoever works there, or visits.

The Decision Process

Office refurbishment is going to involve various decisions and a professional firm will start off by understanding what your preferences are. They will examine the current office setting so as to get a better idea of the number of workers, the space needed and how they relate together. In such a way, your contractor will be able to recommend whether an open plan or a cellular setting will be more feasible for your office.

There are also going to be cases where business owners are unsure whether it makes more sense to refurbish or relocate. Chances are that a simple office refurbishment will be enough as you may not be using your space well enough. And it is surely more affordable to refurbish the current space than have to move.

Ready for Expansion

Office refurbishment specialists will take into account both physical as well as technical aspects. They will make sure that any changes will be accommodated properly. If you plan to employ new clerks in the future, they can take that into account too, for example and will see that there is enough space for future expansions. If you deal with clients at your offices, they will see that there is a space for a reception area, a waiting area, and any other facilities. These are just examples of how an office refurbishment company can totally change your current office space into a more practical and functional place where your business can be run more efficiently.

The office refurbishment will need a certain number of days to be completed. We will thus make sure that a plan is devised in advance, where we will divide the refurbishment project into different phases so as to reduce the impact on regular office work. They’ll do their best to keep to the original deadline set out, as they do not want to cause you unnecessary delays or inconvenience.

So when you hire an office fit out company for an office refurbishment, they can may put your mind at rest that your project will go according to plan, and in no time you will have the office that you always dreamt of.

SEO Expert: Choose the right Kent search marketing partner

Take your small business to the big time with Google!

In the information age, new and exciting business opportunities have been created due to the world wide web. Unfortunately, this has also translated into a large number of businesses offering services that are not up to standard. In other words, charlatans selling snake oil to unsuspecting customers.

The search engine optimisation industry is sadly one of those business sectors that is rife with bad eggs and trying to find the real gems amongst an overcrowded marketplace of good, bad and downright ugly suppliers is a literal minefield to aspiring business owners. No wonder so many avoid going down this path.

The trouble is, when you consider the alternatives, its a tough choice between taking a chance on an SEO or spending potentially thousands more on paid ads which never promise good returns either. Anyone with an ounce of sanity would think internet marketing is just one giant money making scam. Nothing could be truer when speaking of the internet that its vital to have as much knowledge and connections as possible. Sourcing an SEO supplier is never easy so how do you go about doing this effectively?

The first issue is to identify your core market. In 2015, search trends took some very interesting turns and as much as the world has gone global, searches have in fact gone more local. With handheld technology such as phones and tablets now overtaking internet usage above and beyond desktop devices, search giants such as Google saw this change in user habits and understood that users on the go needed local answers to local problems. When you think about it, it makes complete sense. So this is why local results are now the most prominent in Google search results pages.

If your business relies mostly on local trade then wouldn’t it make complete sense to dominate your local search marketplace? Of course it would. So if you need to be found more locally, you are well advised to seek out an SEO expert who is locally based to you. There are several advantages to doing this. They are:

1) Location – seeing they are close to you, they will understand the local market and be easily accessible to you for meetings, communications and effectively, speak your language linguistically and business wise.

2) Support – if you need support, guidance or just a simple answer to a common problem, a local SEO expert will more likely to be able to help you quickly and effectively. No sending emails to overseas suppliers and sitting round waiting for a reply that may never come.

3) Trust – someone who works locally to you has nowhere to hide so it’s in their interests to provide a great service because they too will rely on a good local reputation. If they lose that, they will lose business so keeping you happy is a win-win for all involved.

4) Costs – its far easier to negotiate and deal with someone locally as they will completely understand the types of budgets and fees companies of your size can afford. So if you have a budget in mind, never be afraid to tell your local SEO expert what marketing budget you can realistically afford and work towards some form of budgetary common ground.

There’s always the temptation to seek out the cheapest, easiest and quickest SEO supplier and these tend to be offshore, package deal based websites. Remember, sites such as these offer extremely poor customer services and with the supplier being so remote, the chances of getting a good return on your investment is extremely remote.

When you ask a search marketer to work on your websites online visibility, you are effectively entrusting your business in their hands. So would you really want to give that much responsibility to a complete stranger? You’d have to be crazy to do so. By going local and working with a search engine optimisation expert in your close proximity, you massively reduce the risks involved in selecting a preferred supplier.

Kent SEO Experts

The 4 Forms Of Creative Digital Agency

If you have been thinking about appointing a creative digital agency for your business – be ware, because the concept of a digital agency ready to help you can take several forms.

First of all, what is a digital agency in the broad term?

It’s basically a company ready to assist you with any of the digital changes your business needs in order to rank better against the competition and earn you visitors converting to customers.

When it comes to establishing a strong brand, the concept of leveraging the power of a creative digital agency has been popular – simply because it plays an important role and is effective. Making your business profitable and successful from the scratch demands a collaboration with a creative digital agency that suits your company best.

As a throwback to what we previously mentioned, for you to know what kind of agency suits you best – you must know the types of digital agencies:

  1. Integrated Marketing Agency – This concept of a creative digital agency uses data, analytics and marketing automation platforms to rank you better in organic search, mobile views, email and display/paid search. The advantage of this company is that it efficiently converts every data to a strategy.
  2. Digital Campaign Agency – This type of agency creates emotional campaigns, and usually spreads them to social media or traditional advertising. The great side is that it helps you build an authoritative brand through new fans and followers.
  3. DX Agency – Closing operational gaps, leveraging analytics and creating strong solutions and campaigns is what this combination of creative digital agency will do for your business – activating strong buying decisions to the target group.
  4. Digital Solutions Agency – The last type of creative digital agency takes pride in also being the most recent one. This concept allows you to operate with greater efficiency and flexibility, while finding great competition with big consulting groups. This way creates a digital experience that outperforms the customer experience and kind of ‘hypnotizes’ the users to your brand.

To wrap things up, the best way for you to hire a digital creative agency in Kent is to use a combination/mixture of all the types we mentioned.

After all, only a creative digital agency knowing all of the aspects is ready to take your business to new heights, right?