Today you will grow to understand how to spend your marketing budget properly as you learn the 5 top reasons why your company should use tradeshow exhibition stands for greater marketing impact in 2018. With new technology coming into reality there are many different options and things many marketers want to utilise in their campaigns. In 2018, the trend for marketing is advertising at live events and this trend will continue to be popular as time goes on. It is well known that marketing in person and engaging people in a face to face matter is the prime method of advertising. As you continue reading you will understand the five crucial elements of why your business should be harnessing the power of trade show marketing as we continue in 2018. These are suggestions that you can use and it is encouraged to think them over and brainstorm ideas on how you can incorporate these strategies.

Super Cool Exhibition Stand
This Super Cool Exhibition Stand Embraces Sleek Design Coupled With Interactive technology. Image credit: Arrows

1. Live events are a powerful form of marketing for most companies and brands

When it comes to developing new connections, more business leads, and customers the face to face marketing method is the most tried and true tested marketing strategy that is proven to work. You can use live events to capture the attention and desire of your target audience and by doing this you may even stay ahead of your competitors. Many high-profile organisations and companies have been using the power of live events for their marketing and advertising needs and as research states, they are achieving a great return on investment. Many companies utilise trade shows to reach customers and visitors and to compete with other brands. Now it is widely common to have an exhibition display and you will need to be able to measure to the validity of your marketing campaign and find out exactly your overall return on investment from every show.

2. Exhibitions are becoming much more effective when new technology is used

Trade shows and exhibition stands are constantly changing and with the latest trends in available technology, there are even more options. With new technology comes much more competition and just appearing at an event with a good looking exhibition stand and expecting sales to roll in is not as valid as it used to be. Now you want your display to attract attention and gain the interest of visitors to start the sales conversion process. Harnessing technology is a great way to capitalise on available space and can make your exhibition stand out, gain attention and build credibility for your brand.

3. Face-to-face networking is the #1 method for gaining business

Although technology seems to cover many different facets of advertising and marketing, good old fashioned face to face communication between suppliers and customers is the most valid form of marketing. The digital world is steadily increasing and providing attendees with valuable opportunities to form real-life connections with other people. Technology will never be able to replace the power of human connections. Being able to connect with your customers and audience is important. Getting outside of the office and going to a different location to interact with different people as well as being able to gauge the effectiveness of competition is of extreme importance.

4. Exhibition stand advertising is an effective method

When it comes to exhibition stand design your options for design and the technology you use are entirely up to you. Your budget will determine how far you can deliver with your exhibition stand but there is plenty of ideas and methods you can use. You can utilise different media and technology you can use again and again. Being able to adapt and rebuild your stand at different trade shows gives you more leverage as well as lowers the cost of ownership.

5. Exhibition stand advertising creates a level playing field

Social media and building and marketing websites are not the most expensive methods of advertising but they do require an ongoing investment. At exhibitions, smaller companies have the ability to compete with larger companies and gain the same attention if not more. Small companies will have the same access to visitors at the trade show. You can make yourself stand out using creativity and imagination and compete with bigger companies with a smaller budget. It is possible and it is done often.

Ultimately exhibition stand marketing is an effective method to engage your target audience and get a better return on investment with your marketing budget. Be sure to review these five suggestions and look into how exhibitions can bring you more business, leads, and customers.


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