Create an amazing furniture piece with MDF sheets

Storage benches come in very handy. Everybody seems to always need some extra room for storage. There never seems to be enough space to store everything, and the result is untidiness and stuff lying around! Be it a living room where there are countless books, magazines and remote controls lying here and there. Or in bedrooms where there are clothes and cushions, or even toys and books, in the case of kids’ bedrooms. Conversely, if you were to have a storage bench you would be able to store all that stuff within it.

If you were to think of it there are surely various spaces in your rooms where you could include a storage bench. Apart from being a practical way of adding a place where to sit, and an additional touch of décor to a room, a storage bench can manage to store up more stuff than you ever thought possible. The main problem may be finding a storage bench that is readymade and that will fit well in the space you have. And then there is the problem of trying to complement its style and colour with your current furnishings. So, why not build your very own storage bench? It is really easy to build, and you can make it tailor-made to your preferred size and color. All you need are some basic tools and MDF sheets cut to size. MDF boards are inexpensive and yet sturdy enough for the job. They are also manageable to build with, even if you are a beginner to DIY. So… here’s how you can do it!

MDF Storage Bench. Image credit: WNY Handyman
MDF Storage Bench. Image credit: WNY Handyman

First off, buy MDF boards! You are going to need a separate board for the top, and then you will need other panels to create the foundation of the storage bench. The dimensions will obviously depend on how big or small you are going to build your storage bench, which is mainly dependant on the space where you will be placing it.

So, once you have all the parts cut out in the required dimensions, you can start by building up the foundation, or the base of the bench. This is where you will be storing things, so the bigger it is the better. Simply attach the sides with the base, and then to the top panel. You can then use corner clamps so as to attach it securely. It is best to drill pilot holes in order to prevent the possibility of having it split, and then screw the parts together. At this point you have the main structure all done already.

The top MDF piece is ideally attached by a continuous hinge. This is often referred to as a piano or continuous hinge. This will need to open and close for convenience, as you will be opening it and closing it every time you want to store something, or whenever you need to take things out of the bench.

Now, you can attach the back part. When screwing this to it, make sure that it is flush with the top and the legs. Having someone hold it for you while you work is recommended. Next, you can attach the front.

It is best to see to establishing more support at the front area of your storage bench. So, you may wish to glue two pieces of MDF panels together so as to have a thicker one. Then use clamps to ensure that they are well bonded together, and screw it in place.

This is all it takes to build a storage bench. Anything more is purely aesthetic. You can paint it, as well as add decorative moldings. This will help to make it look more aesthetically pleasing. Decorative moldings will help to make the storage bench look more stylish, rather than remaining plain all over.

Beautifully Finished White MDF Chest Bench. Image credit: RONA
Beautifully Finished White MDF Chest Bench. Image credit: RONA

Any screw heads should be filled up with wood filler, and then sanded down so as to make it as flush as possible. Once you achieve a smooth finish, you can paint it in the color of your choice. It may be best to apply two coatings for better results. Finally, you can also spruce it up with a cushion, which will also help to make it more comfortable, while complementing your other soft furnishings in the room. You could use the same fabric of any other cushions, or curtains, and voila! And you are done – you have a very nice and practical storage bench ready! You did not spend a fortune, and it is nice to have created it on your own as you got to choose the preferred style, color and size after all!